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Cookware  - MAG-PRO

Reversible Griddle/Grill
One of the earliest types of cooking equipment, here the key word is fast. The cooking method is as simple as the equipment; and the only demand made of this equipment is that it reaches and maintain a high heat in order to sear and cook simple foods quickly. With more sophisticated materials, you would want to be able to turn the heat down once the food was seared so that it could be cooked through.

If the griddle sides were raised slightly, you could cook as you do in a skillet, you could add fat or liquid to the solids in the pan. You would still have a simple utensil, but your cooking would be less simple to the extent butter and onions or a little wine or stock would change it.

Item U.S. Size Metric Size Price Quantity
5354 19 x 12.25 in. 48 x 31 cm. $65.00